Buendnerfleisch – sliced

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Remarkably rich with a distinctly unique flavor, this notable charcuterie is made from lean beef, seasoned, pressed, and air-dried the original Swiss Alpine way. Aged a minimum of 12 months, this is one flavorful delicacy that is a terrific choice for a high-end charcuterie platter.

Each 3 oz. package contains approximately 11 thinly sliced pieces packaged by hand to ensure maximum flavor and presentation.

Nutritional facts
Cured with: Salt, Dry Vinegar, Starter Culture, Natural Flavors.

3 reviews for Buendnerfleisch - sliced

  1. Arlene T (verified owner)

    The Buendnerfleisch is exceptional! Haven’t had such a tasty treat since our last visit to Switzerland. Authentic and delicious; what more can you ask for? We will definitely be repeat customers!!!

  2. Fred Herzer (verified owner)

    Absolutely fabulous. Tastes like more. Tastes exactly like Swissland.

  3. Russell Diefendorf (verified owner)

    It has been decades since I have eaten Buendnerfleisch, so I can’t comment on comparing Josef’s to a Swiss product. However, this is absolutely delicious. Hard not to eat another slice. I should remark that it is like eating olives or artichokes, as it might be considered an acquired taste.. So check it out.

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