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Josef Brunner

Austrian born. American seasoned.

The Road to GOLD

We don’t just talk a big game – we’ve got the awards to prove it.

Hi, my name is  Dad  Grillmaster

Become the Sultan of Sausage, the Kaiser of Kielbasa, the Baron of Bratwurst, the Chief of Chorizo. Any way you cook it, you’ll master your meals with the help of Josef’s Artisan Meats!

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Good is simply not good enough.  Like you, Josef enjoys flavor to the fullest.  So he works side by side with his team of sausage and charcuterie craftsmen, devoting generous time and care into making savory, award-winning delicacies in the Austrian and European traditions.

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First Mozart.
Then Freud.
Now Josef Brunner.

Many greats have hailed from Austria, but none are quite like Josef. Sure, he’s a red, white, and blue bleeding American now, but he’s a native Austrian and got his professional start there, where sausage making is considered an artisan trade.