Bangers & Mash: What the Heck is That?

You may have heard the term “bangers and mash” thrown around during St. Patrick’s Day, or perhaps you’ve seen it on the menu at your favorite Irish pub. But if you’re wondering what the heck it is, or you’re not sure where it got its name from, then read on – we’re taking a trip through time!

Roman Roots

Sausages, at least the ones we have come to know and love, have quite a long history in Great Britain and Ireland. Believe it or not, they were first introduced way back in the 4th century A.D. by the Romans, or so rumor has it. By the time King Charles I was around (1625-1649), they began making sausages into links. Big innovation, right?

Bangers are Born

Throughout the years, sausages continued to grow in popularity, and by the time the 1900s rolled around, these delicious meat morsels had become a popular staple of the working class. However, when WWI broke out, meat shortages led to the production of sausages with cheap fillers and very high water content. This would cause them to explode while sizzling in the frying pan, making a loud banging noise. Thus, the term “bangers” was born.

You’ll never find cheap fillers or high water content in any of Josef’s products. While we still use the name “bangers,” today, there is certainly no meat shortage at Josef’s! Our bangers are made with hand-trimmed pork, vibrant spices, and just the right amount of breadcrumbs for that classic banger taste.

But what about the mash, you say?

Well, that’s a bit less exciting since it doesn’t involve any mini meat explosions. The mash, of course, is mashed potatoes, whose recipe didn’t start showing up until the mid-1700s. Before that, people just ate boiled potatoes, as baked potatoes weren’t really a thing until the 1800s. We’re all about the meat here at Josef’s, so you’ll have to get yer ‘taters somewhere else!

Still Going Strong

Today, bangers and mash with onion gravy is a typical pub dish in Great Britain and Ireland, with the Irish sometimes including a side of cabbage as well. Here in the States, it’s popular in Irish bars and restaurants, and sometimes makes appearances at other establishments during St. Patrick’s Day, though it’s not quite as popular as corned beef and cabbage. We don’t like to brag, but we have a pretty killer bangers and mash recipe that’s delicious and bound to be a hit with the whole family.

We hope you enjoyed this little trip through bangers history with us. Now that you know what bangers and mash are – it’s simply sausages and mashed potatoes, what’s not to like? Grab a few of Josef’s award-winning bangers, cook up the recipe, and impress your friends and family with your new foreign lingo and historic knowledge. It will be a blast – but not literally!

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